Our buying power. Your saving power.

Our GPO (Group Purchasing Organization) was founded with one goal in mind: To capitalize on the collective buying power of our members to procure the best products in the shortest time – and at the lowest price. 

It’s simple. It’s smart. And it’s very effective. 

Our GPO is committed to delivering the best merchandise to our members at the best prices, powered by our expert insights, competitive advantage, and hard data. Because we know that every dollar spent unnecessarily is lost profit for your company. 

The products you need. The service you expect.

Our network includes a well-researched database of suppliers and vendors who fill your requests efficiently and cost-effectively. And our courteous and immediate service means you can focus on your business while your inventory is smoothly restocked. 

As industry experts, we do the legwork in accessing discounts – and then pass the savings on to you, with no effort on your part. 

Cut the Costs

By aggregating organizations for combined buying power, each member benefits from the lower price on specific goods.

Quit the Headache

Instead of finding and researching each supplier and vendor, leave it to the professionals with the data and experience to get the products right. 

Free the Staff

Your staff’s time is valuable – and should only be spent on the things they do best. Leave the purchasing to us, and direct your staff to their expertise.

Access the Power of Group Purchasing with Onyx