“I wish my SNF could run smoother and smarter”

You’ve come to the right place.

Your SNF is successful – and growing. But growth comes with challenges. 

  • When approval chains are not properly planned and implemented, valuable time and energy is wasted.
  • When purchasing a huge volume of products, it’s nearly impossible to keep track of the varied orders and vendors. 
  • When spend is squandered because of lack of strategy, the numbers don’t add up and the bottom line suffers. 

Enter Onyx, your procurement and strategy specialists. 

Our goal at Onyx

The onyx stone is universally known as a symbol of strength and stamina. Our goal at Onyx is to foster that reality in every aspect of your organization’s operations. When your spend is strategic and your processes are optimized, your organization is set on a strong path to success. 

And then we’ve achieved our goal.

Integrity First

We’ve earned the trust of hundreds of clients by putting their needs before our capital gain. At Onyx, it’s always ethics before all else. 

Person to Person

Get the expert service without the expert attitude. Get in touch and experience the Onyx difference – because our customers are our people. 

Trust the Professionals

You’ll know your organization is in good hands when research is thorough, communication is smooth, and transitions are seamless.

We’ve done it for them. Let’s do it for you.