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Are you struggling with approval chains that are complicated and disjointed, causing approvals to be bottlenecked? Data that is scattered and disorganized so you can’t find information when you need it? Budgets that are leaking funds because spend is housed in too many places? Cumbersome manual processes for purchasing and tracking items, resulting in inaccuracies? 

We transform organizations by developing, implementing and maintaining scalable processes. As your SNF grows, it becomes difficult to accurately track spending and assess purchasing while organizing the huge volume of the miscellaneous data a SNF produces. 

Automated Approvals

We establish organizational approval chains and develop automated rules so each transaction is routed to the right party based on category, quantity, cost, etc. Utilizing systems and implementing different spend thresholds ensure a smoother process.

Proper Purchasing

We are equipped to take on the entire purchasing lifecycle; handling comparisons, bids, pricing, troubleshooting, and organization. Reducing hassle and frustration from management’s workload.

Smarter Spending

Utilizing procurement software and the Onyx program, your spend is housed in one place with real-time budget tracking – so you can make better informed spending decisions.

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